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  International Society Geographical & Epidemiological Ophthalmology
The aim of the ISGEO is to promote the science of
geographic and epidemiologic ophthalmology among all
people and nations. This aim encompasses the
epidemiological, clinical, educational, environmental and
cultural aspects of eye disease, prevention of blindness,
preservation of sight and visual rehabilitation. The Society
provides a forum for presentation and discussion of
research in ophthalmology of international significance and
limited support of ophthalmologic research in developing

The Society conducts Congresses every two years for the
presentation of scientific papers based on peer-reviewed
abstracts; where expedient these meetings are held in
conjunction with host country ophthalmological meetings.
The Society also provides limited initial funding for
epidemiologic research in developing countries.

Special Interest Topics
Historically the Society has been particularly interested in
diseases that affect developing countries with a focus on
the the epidemiology and public health aspects of eye
disease, and the evaluation of different interventions.
Ophthalmic Epidemiology is the official journal of the
Society. Members receive a discounted subscription to the
journal. For information on subscription to Ophthalmic
Epidemiology please contact Dr. Jim Ganley at

The Society is a non-political, non-racial, non-religious
organization. The Society abides by the rules of the World
Health Organization.   Membership  Membership is open to
all health professionals who have an interest in the
scientific aspects of international ophthalmology in
particular and epidemiology and geographical medicine in
general. For more information on membership, or for
general correspondence and requests for research
applications, please contact Dr. Paul Courtright at  

These are held every two years in various parts of the
world, providing members with the opportunity to gain
first-hand experience of ophthalmology in other cultures
and geographical areas.     
In addition to the larger Congresses there is the
opportunity for zonal or regional meetings, organized by
local members of the Executive Council.
19th Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2006
19th Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2006

More information on ISGEO Congresses

19th Congress, 2006  Sao Paulo Brazil

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