Kilimanjaro Centre for
Community Ophthalmology
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  KCMC College/KCMC Eye Department and KCCO
  KCMC College, KCMC Eye Department and KCCO share a
commitment to common goals; specifically, to:

  • Build the capacity of eastern Africans in general to provide high
    quality eye services to meet the needs of the population
  • Develop internationally recognized educational programmes
  • Develop a teaching and research environment that promotes
    health care measures that are of benefit to the population of
    Tanzania and the surrounding countries.

The KCCO has an official memorandum of understanding (MOU) with
the Department of Ophthalmology and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical
College under which the KCCO assumes or shares responsibility
(subject to specific funding grants) for many teaching activities,
running workshops and seminars, supervising the ORCEA, serving in
an advisory capacity for planning Eye Department services,
conducting epidemiologic and clinical research in prevention or
treatment of vision loss or related fields, and serves on committees

KCMC Eye Department
The Eye Department of KCMC was established in the 1960s by the
Good Samaritan Foundation (GSF). The Department is responsible
for providing eye care services at all levels (primary- tertiary) and is
the only tertiary care provider for northern Tanzania. To meet the
training needs in Tanzania, GSF established the Kilimanjaro Christian
Medical College within Tumaini University in 1998. The College
graduates students in the fields of medicine and in specialties such as
Public Health and Ophthalmology. The Eye Department is responsible
for training ophthalmologists awarded the degree of MMed (Master of
Medicine) in Ophthalmology and for training assistant medical officers
in ophthalmology (AMO-O).
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KCMC College/KCMC Eye
Department and KCCO
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