Trachoma Elimination

KCCO supports the work of the WHO Global Alliance for the Global Elimination of Trachoma (GET 2020) and continues to build research capacity on trachoma elimination in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). KCCO also contributes to assist SSA countries with the implementation and evaluation of their Trachoma Action Plan.

Over the years, KCCO has been involved in the development of numerous publications (including guides, reports and preferred practices) on Trachoma Elimination.

Currently, the KCCO leads an ethnographic study on equitable access to Mass Drug Administration for trachoma elimination to understand the factors associated with low coverage in some areas of Kenya and Tanzania. This project is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (Kenya and Tanzania), the Tumainy University (Tanzania) and the African Institute for Health and Development (Kenya). Financial support comes from DFID

This qualitative study is designed to provide the evidence needed to design and implement equity-sensitive interventions for elimination of trachoma as a public health problem. The main objectives are 1) to identify and understand better the factors behind low and unequal MDA coverage and compliance in trachoma endemic areas in Tanzania and Kenya with nomadic populations; 2) to prioritize factors in terms of amenability to intervention; and then 3) to use the evidence generated to design specific interventions that could improve the reach and impact of campaigns of Zithromax MDA in both countries. Technical support for these projects will come from the Neglected Tropical Disease Support Center at The Task Force for Global Health.