Programme Implementation

Community ophthalmology examines the problem of blindness from the perspective of the community. We look at the question of why there may be 10 blinds in the community for every 1 who makes it to the doctor to receive treatment. This requires investigating the size of the problem, the causes of blindness and eye disease in the community, the availability of eye services, the attitudes of the people towards visual disability or eye diseases, the attitudes of the people toward the services, and the many barriers that prevent people from using services.

When these issues are defined, then solutions can be sought, agreements can be reached among all those concerned, and programmes can be implemented to put solutions in place

KCCO works with partners to support the implementation of comprehensive eye care programmes, childhood blindness and low vision programmes, and trachoma elimination programmes.

KCCO is currently supporting district authorities and partner hospitals in the following countries: Benin, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. For more information about the different programmes please click here.